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Igniting Innovation: Trailer

Igniting Innovation is Taproot Edmonton Presents' first podcast series. The six-episode run explores how startups and investors are coming together in Edmonton's tech innovation sector. It tells the stories of entrepreneurs, new and experienced tech investors, and those working to grow the community. Listen to new episodes weekly from Edmonton Startup Week through to the Startup TNT Investment Summit.

Igniting Innovation: Startup TNT

In the first episode of Igniting Innovation, we meet Zack Storms, founder and chief organizer of Startup TNT, and his wife, Keren Tang, an angel investor with the Startup TNT Investment Summit. They share stories about building and fostering relationships with entrepreneurs and investors in Edmonton's tech innovation sector, plus discuss diversity and the challenges the community is facing.

Igniting Innovation: The Landscape

In the second episode of Igniting Innovation, we talk to Ashlyn Bernier, chief operation officer of Samdesk, and Chris LaBossiere, founder and CEO of Altitude Investments. These two industry veterans weigh in on the larger tech innovation landscape in Edmonton — the challenges, standout contributors, benefits of innovating in this city, attracting new talent, and more.

Igniting Innovation: Future Fields

In the third episode of Igniting Innovation, we're joined by two of the co-founders of Future Fields, Jalene Anderson-Baron and Lejjy Gafour. The Edmonton entrepreneurs talk about their work in the cellular agriculture space, how they've grown their startup since its success at the Startup TNT investment summit in early 2020, and the work that still needs to be done to build diversity in the sector.

Igniting Innovation: Investing

The fourth episode of Igniting Innovation dives into investing with Ronda Nedelec and John Pinsent. The two local entrepreneurs talk about how they each got started angel investing, why they've reinvested in the Edmonton ecosystem, and the benefits of getting new people involved.

Igniting Innovation: Pitching

Allie Knull, CEO of Resume Free, and Emily Craven, CEO of Story City, join us for the fifth episode of Igniting Innovation. Both are part of the top five Edmonton companies pitching at the Startup TNT Investment Summit on Nov. 19, 2020. The entrepreneurs share about finding their niche in the Edmonton tech space, pitching and preparing for pitches, and their experiences in the startup ecosystem as women entrepreneurs.

Igniting Innovation: True Angle Medical

The final episode in the Igniting Innovation series features the Edmonton winner of the Startup TNT Investment Summit: True Angle Medical. CEO Jana Rieger joins Taproot to talk about the company and its technology, what they'll do with the investment from the summit, and how it felt to win on Women's Entrepreneurship Day.

Conversations: Makings of a Voice

A conversation about motherhood, identity, and community, inspired by Makings of a Voice, a theatrical song cycle written and performed by Dana Wylie, which makes its world premiere at SkirtsAfire.

Conversations: Innovate Edmonton's Catherine Warren

A conversation with Innovate Edmonton's CEO, Catherine Warren, about her first four months on the job. Note, this interview was recorded in mid-April.

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